Slapout, AL


Acoustic, Alternative, Singer Songwriter


Jess Meuse


Band Description

I was 10 when I first sang in public. I cried on stage, and then I started laughing at myself. I realized how lame I was being, but I also realized how awesome it was to stand on stage and share music.
After that, I knew music was all I wanted to do in life. It became a serious goal of mine, and I started playing gigs everywhere I could – festivals, fundraisers, and school and public events.
I moved to Slapout, AL in the 7th grade and immediately took action of getting local shows in the area. I played a lot for the Wetumpka Chamber of Commerce, as well as with the Millbrook Chamber of Commerce. I also got into the Montgomery Youth Orchestra, where I ultimately became principle second violin. Being in the MYO was one of the most awesome experiences of my life, and it greatly shaped my discipline and values as a musician.
When I was 18, I got really mad and wrote my first song. It was a man-hatin’ song: “What’s So Hard About Bein’ A Man?” and it went on to become the title track to my first studio CD later in 2011.
Since then, my songwriting has gotten more serious and also far more important to me as a part of my being. Every lyric represents something I’ve lived through, and I strive to help those who have undergone similar situations realize they’re never really alone. Each of my songs is a piece of who I am as an individual.
In October 2010, I was a winner at the state-wide artist showcase called Stars of Alabama Artist Showcase. I performed three of my original songs for a panel of music industry professionals from Montgomery, Atlanta, and Nashville.

Now, I’m getting ready to record my best EP yet! I’m stoked to be pushing forward like this!

Last, but not least, I want to stick a “thank you” at the end of my bio.
Thank you – to every single person who has been with me from the beginning. To everyone who has been right next to me through times of sadness and frustration. Thanks to all of those who always have encouraging and kind words – and not just focused towards myself.
Thank you to all my wonderful fans who have given me the ability to chase after my ultimate dream – my life – of music. I could never explain the extent to which I am thankful for you, because it wouldn’t be enough. Y’all are amazing!

Music is the universal language. It brings people together. Speak it!


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